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High Caliber
Donator Store

Official donation website for the NBZ: High Caliber server.

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Want to help support the server?

Become a Donator!

We offer several different types of donator perks and packages you can choose from for each donation.

Why Donate?

First, it is important to know why you should donate to the server...and for which reasons you shouldn't as well.

Dry Dock Plots

One-time donations for additional dry dock ship-building plots, so you can build more ships.

Registered Ships

One-time donations where you can buy the rights to use individual or groups of ships off of our own Ship Registry, where we maintain a list of our most quality and historically accurate builds on the server. You will then be able to spawn that ship, and also load it into one of your dry dock plots to modify it.

Subscriptions and Other Donations

The server is a regularly monthly expense for us, and it is also continuously under development and further improvement. Due to the ongoing expenses, subscriptions are the most beneficial to helping the server. We offer additional perks to our subscribers because of this. Some of our most demanding features, like the Private Server, we cannot permanently offer so also requires a subscription.

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