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Why Donate?

Many months of work have gone into this server, and it represents a significant and ongoing investment to those who help develop it, especially to it's sole coder. It costs money to run the server, and in addition the funding can help the coder to afford spending more time developing new features for the server. 

High Caliber consists of multiple servers. Our public battle servers, ranking system, and in-game money system will always be independent of the donation system, this is not a pay-to-win server. Only cosmetic benefits may be offered in those servers. Our main donator perks however, focus on the ability to...

  • have additional ship plots to build ships and subs in (you start out with four free plots and can earn additional free plots)

  • have the permissions to use and copy ships from our official ship registry (planned feature)

  • have the ability to play on the private server, where you have full ship spawning permissions and some admin permissions as well.

Why are they called donations? One reason is because I do not have the means to run this server as a full business, on my own, that can provide the same guarantees as a professional business. Most importantly, what this means is that for the most part, donations are not refundable. More than likely your money will get spent on the server quickly, and we cannot promise refunds for this reason.

So when you DONATE to High Caliber, make sure you are doing it because you enjoy the work that is ALREADY completed here, and most importantly you want to see it continue. The donator perks should be considered secondary, and are subject to change. I will promise I will do my best to try to make some exciting features for donators, but at the same time you must understand there are limitations and sometimes plans change.


The Fleet Admiral's Perspective

The main coder was once upon a time a 13-year old, begging his mom to use her credit card to pay for a month subscription on an old online naval game. He also wants to open up our style of gameplay and genre up to more kids, so that they can also discover the same interests in ships and submarines that he developed. For that reason, we always want to keep the public side of the server free, and allow our players to experience most of our content completely free.

At the same time though, we have to keep limitations on our public servers, as running very large ships creates very large amounts of lag and has to be done in a controlled way. This is why the ability to freely spawn large ships is kept as a donator perk on the private server.

This server takes a massive amount of time to work on, it is hard to express the time required to develop the many different parts there are to High Caliber, or how difficult it is to maintain a project of this size and try to keep some level of motivation and sanity. Fact of the matter is, the coder's life isn't that great or stable, and it becomes hard at times for him to justify continuing to spend hours and days to develop new content for the server. It is a work of passion/starving artist sort of deal, where although a lot of people seem to greatly enjoy the work...the artist (coder) is often pretty miserable, depressed, has a strong love/hate relationship with the project, and simply isn't surviving. Your donations, even small ones, can and do help to alleviate some of the pressure.

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